A Voter’s Guide To NYC Democratic Primaries For People Who Care About Palestine



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votersguide1web1000 votersguide2web1000 votersguide3web1000 I actually don’t think voting solely based on the basis of Palestine is particularly responsible in this election. I’m not a registered Democrat, so I can’t vote in tomorrow’s primary, but if I were, I’d definitely be voting for Tish James, Scott Stringer, and either Liu or de Blasio. I’d also be voting against Charles Hynes, the Brooklyn District Attorney. These are all really important races, as are the City Council races, so please do vote.

Hey, also, please share this comic, but also: tomorrow I am going to set up a paypal account (I couldn’t do it today, spent all day drawing). When I do, I would love it if you considered donating a buck or two to help me continue making comics like this. Thank you.


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