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No Army, No Prison, And No Wall Can Stop Us

noarmyweb1No Army, No Prison, And No Wall Can Stop Us

I saw the news yesterday that Abdullah Abu Rahmah, a protest organizer in the Palestinian village of Bil’in, was convicted yesterday in an Israeli military court of “obstructing the work of a soldier” by trying to stop a bulldozer from clearing land for the Wall near Beitunia. I was reminded of this comic I made in December of 2010, 4 years ago, about Abu Rahmah’s previous imprisonment at Israeli hands.

I made this comic for David Mazzuchelli’s class given the assignment “a 4 page biography.”

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The Power Of Our Voices

thepowerofourvoicesLook, I made a zine about cultural boycott, using my comics from Mondoweiss and information from the website of Adalah-NY and PACBI, as well as other illustrations, poetry and bits and pieces I found!

Download a copy!

Here is a serially-numbered version, low-resolution, for reading on a screen


Here is a print-resolution version in booklet order for printing double-sided on 11 x 17 paper and folding and stapling into your very own zine!


UPDATE: These files were updated on Sept. 04, 2013 to correct typos.