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Trying to get my head and my finances together yesterday. Went to the HRA office to apply for food stamps. I have a lot of anxiety around getting my finances together but I think it’s gonna be ok. I felt a lot better after making this drawing.I think the nudity is linked to feelings of vulnerability

Made this sketch while I was waiting earlier in the day.

The TV showed a loop of PSAs for useful information about living in NYC: how to get rid of bedbugs, how to find items lost in a cab, how to get a permit for a street parade, how to complain about someone blocking your parking space...

Waiting area at the HRA office

Polish Jews

Some sketches I have been making as warm-up drawings lately from Polish Jews, photographs by Roman Vishniac of pre-war Jewish life published by Schocken Books in 1947.

For more on this book, check out this fascinating article about Roman Vishniac and the received images we have of pre-war Jewish life in Eastern Europe from the New York Times.