No Army, No Prison, And No Wall Can Stop Us

noarmyweb1No Army, No Prison, And No Wall Can Stop Us

I saw the news yesterday that Abdullah Abu Rahmah, a protest organizer in the Palestinian village of Bil’in, was convicted yesterday in an Israeli military court of “obstructing the work of a soldier” by trying to stop a bulldozer from clearing land for the Wall near Beitunia. I was reminded of this comic I made in December of 2010, 4 years ago, about Abu Rahmah’s previous imprisonment at Israeli hands.

I made this comic for David Mazzuchelli’s class given the assignment “a 4 page biography.”

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All Of My BDS Comics Together

old abdullah“Old Abdullah Had a Farm” – a sing-a-long introduction to the BDS movement written by members of Adalah-NY, contains complete text of the 2005 BDS call – $1

Screen resolution pdf:


nothingnormalcoverweb600“Nothing Normal About It” – Palestine, Normalization and Dialogue on Campus– a comic made in partnership with Columbia SJP, contains the complete text of the Statement of Palestinian Students Against Normalization -$1

Screen resolution pdf:



“There is a Checkpoint Around This Center!” – made with QAIA-NY, using the text of a spoken-word piece performed by Tara Tabassi tying together censorship of Palestinian activists at the LGBT center with polciing of youth of color, queer youth, and others – $1.50
Screen resolution pdf:

“The Power Of Our Voices” – a zine about the cultural boycott, includes interviews with Palestinian artists and text about the cultural boycott, examples of Israeli targetting of Palestinian cultural workers, and the complete text of the PACBI call – $2

Here is a screen-resolution PDF of it:


Here is a print-resolution version of it:


Plus shorter comics!

whydoiboycottcolorweb1000Available as a printable pdf with 10 consumer products to boycott on the back from Adalah-NY


Actually, I have a couple more I will try to put up when I get the time; “Who Is Lev Leviev?” (hopefully to be completely redone soon), “Is Building Luxury Condos A War Crime?” about sometime-Leviev-partner Shaya Boymelgreen, and “What Is BDS”

The Power Of Our Voices

thepowerofourvoicesLook, I made a zine about cultural boycott, using my comics from Mondoweiss and information from the website of Adalah-NY and PACBI, as well as other illustrations, poetry and bits and pieces I found!

Download a copy!

Here is a serially-numbered version, low-resolution, for reading on a screen


Here is a print-resolution version in booklet order for printing double-sided on 11 x 17 paper and folding and stapling into your very own zine!


UPDATE: These files were updated on Sept. 04, 2013 to correct typos.

God Bless Unlimited Print Queues: Zines Are Back In Print!

stacks of comics baby!After some time of having sold out of all my copies, I’m happy to report that my two comics zines made for the BDS movement (Old Abdullah Had A Farm–A Sing-A-Long Introduction To BDS made with Adalah-NY and Nothing Normal About It! Normalization, Dialogue and Palestine on Campus made for Students For Justice In Palestine) are back in print–I have 60 copies of each of them that I will be selling at the release party for the new issue of World War 3 Illustrated and other upcoming events.

Since my old website crashed, these comics are no longer online, but I will work on getting them up in some form soon. If you are a student or BDS organizer get in touch if you want the files to print your own copies of these comics, which are designed to function as organizing tools. I also sell printed copies for $1 each.
Get in touch if you want to order some by mail.