Chartersaurus Rex

kids are like popcornHey, there is a new issue of Rethinking Schools out and it has a full page illustration by yers truly! This time I am illustrating an article by Stan Karp about charter schools, and I was offered the chance to do a full-page comic, but just did not have the time, unfortunately. Check out the drawing after the jump or at the Rethinking Schools page, and head there anyways to read the article, and be sure to buy the issue to support RT so they can continue offering me gigs!

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Just Math

All those equations? Actual labor economics and pollutionn math.

My latest editorial illustration for the amazing Rethinking Schools focuses on teaching math so students can “make sense of and transform the world around them.” The basic idea behind this illustration was to combine a relatively simple drawing with a whole lot of actual math: I dug up equations on wage labor from economics website, and a hell of a lot of stuff about air pollution and energy from a variety of science websites. You can read the full editorial here.

Austerity Education


A comic I did with Brian Picket, in conversation with CUNY students and faculty, has been online for a while: “Austerity Education

it has also been reposted a few other times, at Free CUNY and the Adjunct Project. If you’d like to download a printable pdf of it, it is here:


If you’d like to arrange to have this comic appear in your university’s newspaper or student paper, please get in touch and let me know! Organizers and educators are encourage to share this comic freely.