Solidarity Bat-Signal For Rethinking Schools

Solidarity Bat-Signal!

I have an editorial illustration in the Winter 2012-2013 issue of Rethinking Schools, a great publication out of Milwaukee. The issue is dedicated to “Reinventing Teachers’ Unions.” You can buy a copy here or read the editorial this illustration accompanies here.


Austerity Education


A comic I did with Brian Picket, in conversation with CUNY students and faculty, has been online for a while: “Austerity Education

it has also been reposted a few other times, at Free CUNY and the Adjunct Project. If you’d like to download a printable pdf of it, it is here:


If you’d like to arrange to have this comic appear in your university’s newspaper or student paper, please get in touch and let me know! Organizers and educators are encourage to share this comic freely.